Editorials are the kinds of images that you see in the pages of Vogue. They’re stories that a creative team has come up with, and executed. The most important of Editorial Photography is for the purpose of publication. Editorial is used to illustrate the story, article, text, or idea within the context of a magazine. Editorial Fashion Photography can be any genre: fashion, sports, portrait, landscape, etc., It may also tell a story by themselves without a written word.

Editorial shoots are always what creatives tend to love to shoot because they have got so much creative freedom over them. Fashion editorials often feature full-page photographs on a particular theme or concept. Editorial photography tells a story with images. These are frequently used by magazines or newspapers. An editorial photographer produces a polished image, one that might involve some alteration, but the intent is to illustrate a concept rather than to sell a product or service.

Editorial Photography uses:

  • In a newspaper or magazine article
  • On a blog or website for descriptive purposes.
  • In a non-commercial presentation.

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