High Fashion Photography is a type of  Fashion Photography. In this type of Photography, They are not just selling or showcasing the clothes, but also the creative vision and style from fashion houses. They can leave reality behind and get wild as this type of photography usually needs a big production. The stars are often top models or famous actors and actresses.

High fashion photography is something people see frequently on the cover of their favorite magazines. But, from the perspective view of the photographer’s, high fashion means well-known supermodels in often exaggerated poses, a sometimes unrealistic wardrobe, and all elements including hairstyles and location blended to create a flawless image.

But, getting that flawless image is quite challenging. You are constantly confronted with difficult decisions regarding location, models, lighting, wardrobe, hair, and more. Even if much of fashion is decided for you, you still have to put it together so it looks glamorous and appealing.

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